Beho Beho bushblog – Salum – 18th Jan

Salum Mpapa

I’m just back from my off days. I can see a big difference in the two week I have been away. The whole reserve now has green cover after the rains.  Animals look happy because they have plenty of water and nice pastures and the open plains are teeming with game. Yesterday I went to Lake Tagalala and we had such a fantastic time. Our day started with beautiful a sunrise. The good game stated at the Terminal one (Beho Beho International) where we saw a lot of Impala, Zebra and Giraffe. On the open plains we had such a good time with a Giraffe on the horizon with the beautiful sun rising behind him, and then we saw Elephant, Warthog, and many Wildebeest with babies. We had our picnic breakfast at Sean’s cliff and the lake was phenomenal. We saw a big flock of African skimmers and the numbers of Crocodile were unbelievable and some of them were huge. We didn’t see any hatchlings but most of their nests were open. On the way back I decided to take a different route which was more successful because we saw the pack of seven Wild dogs including three males and four females. It was amazing and unusual to see them that time of the day when they where still active with fully bellies.  They were playing in the waterhole and then they started to move. We followed them from Tagalala all the way to the Sean’s cliff. The interesting part was they were going for all most every waterhole because it was too hot. We left them at the Sean’s cliff and we carried on with our drive and we finished with a great sighting of a family of six Elephant including one very young baby wallowing in the mud at the Selous grave. In the evening I didn’t go out because there were six guests coming and so myself and Onno had to go and pick them up. We went there quite early to clear the runway. When we got there we found lots of Impalas and we chased them away and waited for the plane. After the plane landed Onno was driving in front of me for about fifty meters towards waiting room and suddenly a pack of nine Wild dogs came out of the bushes between Onno and myself.  I had to stop because they where in front of my vehicle and It was about hundred meters from the plane. When the guest came out of the plane I had to call Onno on the radio and tell him about the Wild dogs and he let the guest know about them. So the first animal these guests saw in The Selous was Wild dog.





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  1. Martin Churchill says:

    I do enjoy these posts but they also leave me rather jealous! Snow and ice here, Beho beho seems a long way away…


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