Beho Beho Bushblog – Heribert – 14th Jan


Happy new year everyone, it’s been a little while. I must say the year has started quite well, we have had amazing wildlife experiences, just this year I have seen dogs twice. I was honestly getting worried about them cause this season has been very different, we haven’t really seen them as often as we used to and even when we did, it were a small pack of just 7 dogs, no pups.  Anyways it’s still a good sign that they are there.

Lions have become very illusive as now they have to follow prey that is widely spread through the park, this has made it very difficult or should I say its lucky to see one. There are a lot of tracks and we hear them in the night but actually seeing them becomes a mission.

General game in our area is amazing at the moment, lots of zebra, wildebeest, hundreds of giraffe, occasional buffalo and friendly elephant bulls. The other day we had a bull at most 2 meters from the vehicle. There is so much to eat right now, water is in abundance and prey is flourishing.
It’s a little strange that most of the migratory birds haven’t come in their normal numbers, carmines are very few and we miss the fun of them accompanying one on a drive. I understand the rains did not come at the right time and I hope they will still come during the few months left in the season.
What is best here though is the scenery at the moment, lush green and full of life, a true paradise right before your very eyes.






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