Beho Beho Bushblog – Salum – 6th December

Salum Mpapa

So far we have had three small showers. Not enough to make the areas green. Some areas like Sean’s cliff to Lake Tagalala are green and so is Little Serengeti to Lake Manze. Yesterday I took two guests to Lake Tagalala for boating. We had such a gentle drive to the lake. Some migratory birds are around and in terms of animals it’s somehow slow, simply because the north of the reserve has been raining more so majority of the game has moved up there for the good pastures. We need some rain in our areas. At the lake it was still wonderful because we saw a pride of Seven Lions including four cubs. That pride was new to me, I have never seen them before.  Also we saw nice birds as usual like a big flock of Pink backed and Great White Pelicans fishing right in the middle of the lake. The number of Crocodile was phenomenal and I saw the two biggest Crocodile ever at this lake.

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