Beho Beho Bushblog – Heribert – 3 December


It’s a quiet time for us, we have had a few days of no guests and it was high time for projects and fun. The other day we planned a football match between the short and the tall and this was more fun than expected. The winner was to get a crate of soda and pride. With no exercise it was hell for most of us at the air strip, this is where we had the match, it’s not a stadium or anywhere close to that but you can make a football pitch anywhere with an open space. So the game went on forever with tongues almost dropping out of our mouths and it came to an end as a draw, 3 all when the final whistle blew so there was not much to be said. A plan was made for a rematch which took place yesterday, sadly most of us had sustained some injuries and it wasn’t as competitive as the first match but……. after a good fight the short won this time, they beat us by 2 nil. It was a shame on our side and a party on the other and I tell these guys can make life a living hell given the opportunity and they could not get a better reason to do so. We still have a comeback planned or maybe another annihilation. Not until you get into the pitch do you realize how important exercising is I suffered my fair share of muscle pain for a few days then I fell on my hand which swelled like a balloon, getting better though. Everybody else came out with some part of the body swollen or just painful from lack of exercise. All in all it has been a good few days with the fun starting with projects then real competitive football. Games have been postponed for a few day as we are getting guests but the terror shall continue after, there are plans to challenge our neighbouring camp, Sand Rivers in the near future but I bet we need a bit more exercise, anyways I trust our team and victory is what’s coming.

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