Beho Beho Bushblog – Walter – 30 Oct

You know you are doing the right kind of work, when you still get excited seeing impala and Nyassa Wildebeest, and still see things for the first time.

I often reflect back and just smile, when I realise how much I have seen, how lucky I have been and where I have been and worked. It is a definite privilege and I wouldn’t want to be doing anything else, but working in the wild, or in any related industry concerning wildlife.


It is magical when one has the great opportunity to see things like, Marabou storks (must be one of the ugliest things walking on two legs) feeding on an impala lamb carcass, its gular pouch filling up, after every greedy mouthful, and strolling around like an old, villainous man, with their white legs due to it defecating on them to cool themselves down (glad we don’t share this trait); or seeing some lions sleeping lazily under an acacia, with the late golden sunrays rippling across their bodies.


Even watching a little young elephant calf, sticking close to mom, brings thrills to me, as with the guests that are watching with me.


When asked what I enjoy the most, my answer is everything, how they all interact, what they feed on, what plants are used for, how everything fits in, like a big jigsaw puzzle, each piece having its own place. And with the added hobby of photography, one in my position is often spoilt with the chances of taking images of wildlife in action, or beautiful moments or memories; but always remember don’t completely be focused on looking through the little square box of your view finder, but also the grand picture in front of your eyes.





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