Beho Beho Bushblog – Salum – 19 Oct

The last three days have been fantastic because we manage to see beautiful sun rises compared to last week which was a bit cloudy in the mornings.  There is good game always close to home because just before starting our morning drives, big breeding herd of Buffalo would come to drink at the look out Banda. The day before yesterday I went to Lake Manze and at the Kill fish crossing we saw a big breeding herd of buffalo and we saw a beautiful tusker male Elephant who was so relax. He was just foraging in front of the vehicle. We also saw a nice tower of Giraffe after lollipop crossing including six babies. At the lake as normal big herds of animals were going to drink, it is like a mini migration. We manage to see a nice breeding herd of Eland with beautiful males. Also we saw a majestic male greater Kudu. Just before stopping for breakfast we saw two male Lions, one was resting in the shade and another was eating a young Buffalo. We stopped for our breakfast watching a Black Egret making its umbrella and one pod of Hippos on the shore of the lake. One Hippo came closer to where we were having breakfast about ten meters away and he smelt us before galloping away. After our nice picnic breakfast we carried on our drive and Heribert radioed us that he found mating Lions. We went there and a minute after we arrived there we saw one action. We decided to wait to see another action because we didn’t get a good sight of the first. As we where watching they decided to move to another shady patch. As we were watching them one Hyena came running past, he didn’t see the Lions. The Lioness saw the Hyena and stood and watched him. The Hyena also spotted the Lioness and he stopped, they were standing face to face from a distance of about twenty meters. As the Lions stood the Hyena ran to the bushes without drinking.

Yesterday I went to Lake Tagalala for boating and just before Selous’s grave we saw two breeding herds of Buffalo. At the Msine crossing we saw one Lioness stalking a Warthog but the Warthog smelt the Lioness and ran off. We had an amazing picnic breakfast watching a family of four Elephants at Sean’s cliff. My highlight was a baby who kept wallowing at the water hole. The other elephants were trying to gently push her away from the hole but she kept doing it. By the Lake we saw another breeding herd of Buffalo drinking, one fish eagle catching a fish and another fish Eagle stealing it, we saw Fish Eagle bomb attacking Goliath Heron because of food competition and a Monitor Lizard stealing crocodile eggs. Our Madagascar Heron is back again at the same spot after being away for three weeks.

Yesterday I took guests for a morning drive and the mission was to find Wild dog. It was such a slow morning because everything we saw was from a distance. After driving around for a long time everyone was tired so we decided to stop for our picnic breakfast. I took the table out the vehicle and set it up and asked the guests what they wanted to drink. As I went to make the tea I looked north and I saw these big ears coming towards us. I looked twice to make sure that I wasn’t mistaken and true enough it was a pack of ten Wild Dogs including four puppies. I started to shout to the guest “dogs, dogs”. I had to pack everything quickly and by the time I got to the vehicle they were about twenty meters from us. We followed them for about half a kilometer and they saw some Impala. They started stalking them until they got close and they started to chase. We followed them and they managed to separate the baby Impala from her mother. The poor baby Impala worked hard for herself but we end up watching her eaten in front of the vehicle. Then Baboons came and tried to steal the kill from Wild Dogs but it didn’t work because there were only two Baboons against ten dogs. Something interesting was all the adults were in the shade and only the puppies were eating and chasing Baboons. 



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