Beho Beho Bushblog – Salum – 10th Oct

I woke up about ten past five and I heard the sound of Wild dogs and Hyena calling from the Msine valley around the Hippo pools. I prepared my cooler box and picnic breakfast and at six thirty we left the camp and we took the road going to the hippo pools and at the Fisi spring we saw four Wild dogs. They were running towards the Hippo mud pool.  As they got to the mud pool we saw three Hyenas. Both Hyena and Wild dogs had full stomachs. As we were watching these Wild dogs drinking and sniffing around at the mud pool we heard Hyena fighting for a kill. I didn’t want to go where the Hyenas were because I was enjoying watching the Wild dogs because I haven’t seen them for a long time. After the Wild dogs disappeared into the Vernonia bushes we decided to go and look for some Hyena. We found three Hyena eating a female Impala but not much was left. What I think is the Wild dogs made the kill and the Hyenas took it from them but the Wild dogs seemed to eat a large part of it. So we watched the Hyenas eating till they finish almost everything. Amazing how Hyena’s teeth are so strong, they were crunching the skull of the Impala. We left these Hyenas with just the jaws of Impala left and we decided to go to the Msine crossing to see if we could find the rest of the pack and luckily we saw them just before the Msine crossing. There where twenty one Wild dogs including seven puppies and it is the pack Heribert saw yesterday evening at Matambwe seeps. So interesting to see them playing around and playing with twigs. We watched them for a long time before going to Sean’s cliff to watch some Elephants digging and drinking. On the way we saw Baboon, Wildebeest, Buffaloes, Giraffe, Impala and a nice breeding herd of Buffaloes. At Sean’s cliff we saw four Elephants. There were two adult females and two youngsters. Two females where pushing each other at one drinking hole. It was fascinating watching them because they ended up both drinking together taking it in turn.   



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