Beho Beho Bushblog – Onno – 22 September


It started off as any other day… ….

Standard procedure: get up, shower, prepare coffee-basket, cup of coffee, another one, Sudoku and finally wake up.

06.30 and on the go. We’re on the way to lake Manze to see what’s happening there. Before entering the riverine area at the Beho Beho crossing (I refuse to call it Lollypop-crossing for it is degenerating for such a beautiful area and I hereby call on you to give us a better name).

Anyway, before this crossing there is some hard, dry, uncomfortable black cotton soil to negotiate. Everything the coffee hadn’t achieved this road will do.

We’re moving at a snail’s pace and on an open patch we find two Hyenas. One is biting the neck of the other and the other is moving away in circles.


We leave the track and creep closer. It is not often that you have a good look at a Hyena so we stop and observe. It is hard to decide the sex of a hyena as both male and females have “balls” and the female clitoris is longer than the males watchamacallit. The females “balls” are hairy where the male’s are hairless. You have to be close to being able to see this so we weren’t even sure if we were talking of two beasts of different sex. Might just be a dominance thing.

That discussion became void as one started to mount the other!!

I got very excited…… not because they were mating but because I never seen Hyenas mating….. Just a couple of thrusts and the male runs away where the female lies down for a while before running after her partner. We follow them and just a couple of minutes later they go for it again……. What a sighting.

Sex is in the air…..

Just two days ago we made a bet on when we’ll see the first baby impala….. always an exciting time for us and we estimated first week of October. I remember in 2006 the first baby impala sighting was on 16th of September….. way early.

 I will forget any girlfriends birthday or name-day or first-day-when-we-met-day or first-day-we-slept-together-day or any-other-trapdoor-day-I-should-remember-day.  But I remember that day.

With the short rains expected around mid-November first baby-sighting in October makes sense. But again, after so many years, it’s there!! At lake Manze we find an Impala hidden in the bush with a tiny copy of herself next to it! Just born and still wobbly. Now I’m really excited… What a day!!

A bit further on we find a couple of Lions. One of the males is keeping a female away from the rest of the pride so I keep an eye on them and…. indeed…. consumption takes place.

I say…. fornication is in the air

It’s time we drive back and we find a herd of Kudu. A beautiful big male and a couple of elegant females. He’s focused on of them, very much so. Especially one girl in particular.

He keeps Flehmening her.

No, no, no…. now… don’t get excited!!

Flehmening is not some sick pornographic position or act but simply testing the air around her genitals to see if the moment is there!! With a grin on his face and his tounge sticking out he walks close behind her, a bit stiff legged and now and then kicks her hind legs and every now and then he rests his head possessively on her back…. Are we really going to witness this?  I believe we do!

He mounts her and she steps away and the whole process starts again. She’s playing hard to get, the cow, and I’m pressed for time…… I need to get back to camp in time for lunch otherwise a female of another, much more dangerous, species will give me a hard time…… we keep looking a bit longer and see the process repeated and then the decision is made for us as the animals move behind the bush….. ah well.

What a day!!

In the evening dinner is under a tree in the bush, always a special, festive occasion. Lights are hung in the tree, a campfire is going and torches are surrounding us, the smell of BBQ in the air, the whooping of Hyenas and a real good lot of guests.

Yesterday evening when I retired Mama B (with a very, very mischievous grin) said, in front of everybody, …… Sleep well Onno, big day tomorrow I believe?

I groaned, I tried to slip through it unnoticed but no such thing……….. Evil woman!

So, today, this fine evening in this beautiful setting, that what I tried to avoid happened……..

The singing started….

I swear I could see the Hyenas running away with their tails between their legs, wide-eyed and utterly discombobulated….!

Secretly though (don’t tell anybody) I can’t think of a better way to spend my birthday and, if we forget the blushing part, it was a pretty, pretty good day.

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