Beho Beho Bushblog – Salum – 12th September

The morning drive to Lake Manze is always my favourite drive simply because there is a lot of activity. This morning I had two ladies for the morning drive to Lake Manze. On Tamlyn’s plains we saw a nice breeding herd of Buffalo and when we got to lollipop crossing it was fantastic because we saw Bush buck which we do not see that often, Baboons in the Palm trees, Impala, Giraffe and Elephant, the number of elephants were amazing. There were more than twenty Elephants. We stopped there for about an hour watching them. They were following a troop of Baboon in the Palm trees. Just before our Picnic breakfast we saw Civet and we had our Picnic breakfast at the beginning of the lake watching the queue of Impala, Warthog, Zebra, Wildebeest and Giraffe going to drink and some were going back to the grazing areas. We spent two hours just watching these animals coming and leaving the lake. A kilometer away from where we stopped for breakfast we saw three Lions and two Lionesses. They were eating baby Wildebeest. We watched them eating till three finished and went to the shade for a siesta but the old female and the old male were still having a feast. On the way back we saw Elands and Greater kudu. I think today was my first day to see three species of animals from tribe tragelaphine (Bushbuck, Eland and Great Kudu) beautiful antelopes.

Our evening drive was too short but was the most successive because before we started Paulo radioed us that at Msine cross on the way to the Hippo pools two Lionesses killed young a Wildebeest. When we got there we saw those two Lionesses and two cubs. At the beginning I wasn’t able to identify those cubs I thought they were another litter. But no, they were the Lionesses I saw killing Buffalo two days ago. Simply because the cubs faces were covered with blood. We watched them eating for a long time till the little cubs were full and it was difficult for them to walk and when they tried to sleep it also seemed to be uncomfortable. Then we went to watch Hippos at the Hippo pool.  We had our sundowner near the Hippo pool. The sunset was so beautiful.  


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