Beho Beho Bushblog – Onesmo – 5th Sep

It has been a while now since I wrote the last blog and I don’t understand if is selfishness or what..

Well I am lazy to write any ways but I could not resist sharing this great experience we had this morning.

It started with a lazy morning in the camp looking over the Msine valley through the palm forest into a vast ecosystem. The palm forest in front of the camp was dusty and red and the morning sun shone through it which gave it an ambiance of its own. A few minutes later the plain ahead of us had two different herds of hundreds buffalo coming into Msine valley to get water, I hope there was enough water for all of them!!

They always let the group leader decide if it’s safe to go or not, a bit different from our friends the wildebeest, hahaha!! So a few minutes later they all shot down the valley squishing each other against bushes as they moved toward the water.

We then got in the car to get into the forest where we found elephant and baboons feeding on the palm fruits and other plants around. We sat there watching and it was all very quiet, not deadly quiet but silent I would say!! 


Suddenly we saw a small heard of buffalo coming out of the bushes chasing a female lion and three cubs. The cubs and mother just managed to get off on the river bank and that was the safe zone and immediately disappeared in to the forest. At first we thought it was fun and nice to watch but then we came to realise it could have been painful to watch them all stampeding and the remainder of a lion cub would probably look like a pancake in the end. Nature can be cruel sometimes. Hope these cubs survive all the buffaloes because we have big herds of them around at the moment. We went to check on these lions but we could not see them anymore because the bush just got too thick and we decided to go somewhere else before we came back for lunch and a snooze of course.

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