Beho Beho Bushblog – Onno – 26th Aug

We’ve got a system here at BehoBeho where we work for two months and get ten days off. Which I think is pretty perfect.

 What I normally do is fly to Dar es Salaam and park “my sorry ass” on the beach at Kigamboni…… and just sleep, do my Sudoku and listen to some music……Check out the birdlife at the shore…. (Lots of tits and boobies) and, of course, meet up with friends only to return to Beho Beho more tired than I left….. but don’t tell my boss, hey!

People often ask: “where do you go on holidays”?

Good question, where do you go when you live in paradise? I’m a wildlife-person, I’ve had enough culture when I visited Thailand with all its pagoda’s and golden Buddha’s, and tuktuks and suicide-bus-drivers!

So….. India maybe?  Nah, too many people…. Good food though, but, hey, you should try Jimmy’s prawn curry here!

America? Like the Grand Canyon?? Ever seen the Fish-river Canyon in Namibia? But maybe the old 66 on a HD. “Get your kicks on Route Sixty-six”…..was it Nelson Riddle?  Steppenwolf from Easy Rider.

Travel the length of a continent? Done it.

Inca-trail……. What? More walking?

 The Pantanal maybe…… yes, that’s something I would still like to do…… definitely bucket-list material after reading Redmon O’Hanlon. Add some new bird-species to my list. See a Jaguar…..



Let me tell you what happened this morning……

Yesterday, at the waterhole in front of our main building, a leopard took down a warthog. I was in the office, having my morning coffee and heard this annoying, penetrating squeal. As if somebody is killing a pig. I went out to see what was happening and in the middle of a cloud of dust the leopard, in full view, was taking down its prey. It took about 5 minutes to suffocate the life out of it and then it looked around and stared at me for a while……… you know? That unblinking, level-headed stare.

As only cats can.

It got up and walked away, wide legged, with its prey between its front-legs in the direction of the “lookout-banda”

So, this morning I decided to have a look at the “lookout-banda”. Karin has shown you pictures in her last blog of a previous kill being transported there and I was curious. I took an old broomstick that is standing around in our office…… you know, just in case.

As I approached the entrance, only three meters away, the leopard got up from behind the wall and moved away… It didn’t jump or run but sort of “glided”….. around the buffet-counter and sat on the edge of the banda…… and looked at me….. as only cats can.

The male Lion has a family, young ones and lionesses as hard working wives, often scarred by life and not that beautiful….. I always say that if the Lion has his bit-on-the-side it would be a female leopard.

What a beautiful, magnificent animal! Sleek, supple, sexy..… and deadly….. if you hear the stories of what a leopard is capable of…….

I felt kind of silly…… with my broomstick! (Duh) So I slowly moved away.

Maybe we should change the name to “Look Out! -banda”. Anyway, I’ll check the banda out later…..

So, yes, where do you go when you live in paradise?

Until two weeks time!




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  1. Sherri Costello says:


  2. Kor van Kammen says:

    Have a “good” holiday Onno vK

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