Beho Beho Bushblog – Salum – 21st Aug

I woke up at five in the morning with the laughing noises of Spotted Hyena from the Msine valley near to the Hippo pool, by the time we started our drive it was quiet. We tried to go and see what happened but we didn’t see any thing. We had such a fantastic active day because at the battlefields we saw a nice herd of Eland including three calves. Then it was like the Warthog day because they were everywhere. At the lollipop crossing it was fabulous because there were many Elephants and their fellow Baboons feeding on the Palm fruits. One bull was in the riverbed dust bathing. One young Elephant walked across to him and tried to greet him but he didn’t seem pleased. Poor boy decided to walk away and went to greet another young male who responded and moved to the Palm trees. We left them there and carried on our drive. Just after Pelican pan we saw Vulture landing and we went closer and we found two Lappet Vultures, White headed Vultures, White backed Vultures and Hooded Vulture feeding on baby Zebra. As we left them we were surrounded with animals and we didn’t know where to look. On the left was a big herd of Buffalo running with so much dust behind them, as we looked we saw Lions chasing them, in front were Giraffes and Impala, on the right were Zebra and Wildebeest, behind we left Vultures. We decided to go where there were Buffalo and Lions because it was more exciting. When we got near the Buffaloes we saw half were looking at us and half congregated together were looking at the small tree. As we looked in the tree we saw one Lioness on a small branch sitting uncomfortably. We noticed that the Buffalo mob attacked her and she decided to escape in the tree. Because we were there Buffaloes decided to move and the poor Lioness got the chance to climb down and run away to regroup. There were three Lionesses and one young Male. Then we carried on our drive.

NB; Sorry I would like to inform you that the Three Lionesses which had six cubs have lost three cubs now, two of those small ones and one from the litter of four. Simply because two males came in and killed them. Also the old female in the pride has two wounds on her shoulder, one on the leg and her tail has many cuts. But she is doing well.      


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6 Responses to Beho Beho Bushblog – Salum – 21st Aug

  1. Vivian Delgado says:

    Hi Salum!
    Wow! Exciting things are happening at Beho Beho everyday! I think the three lionesses are the ones that we saw in action at Lake Manze. Sorry to hear about the lion cubs. I am really enjoying your photos and reading the Bushblog. It’s the next best thing to being there. Hope to get back there someday!

  2. Sherri Costello says:

    Oh, so sad the lion cubs some have been killed!! Those bully males!!!!

    • Salum Mpapa. says:

      There are two male from Lake Mzerekera who came and kill the cubs and not those three boys. Do you remember the litter of four we saw? one has killded and there was another litter of two which was very young. But those two males have gone back to Lake Mzerekera.

  3. Sherri Costello says:

    Circle of life but so sad anyway. Thanks for the update. I enjoy reading them and hope to return to Selous soon.

  4. Annalie says:

    Hey Salum,

    So great to see the details of our amazing drive written here, we were just looking through our photos and will send some through / put on facebook. Especially the lioness in the tree and the sunset drive on our last night with the young lions and elephants. Thank you for being such an excellent guide.


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