Beho Beho Bushblog – Heribert – 17th Aug

Surely this is a wildlife paradise. It has been a great week or should I say a remarkable season thus far. We have seen more leopards in the last two months than the entire last season.  Just yesterday we had the luck of seeing one, a beautiful male who absolutely ignored us as we drove behind him in the twilight, it wasn’t the perfect light for transferring this rare memory onto photos but something came out and that’s good enough, the real bonus was actually spending time with him and watching him do what he does best. We could tell he had some interest in something as he was focused in one direction and indeed there were some impala, he walked towards them until they started snorting as an alarm signalling his presence, he then turned the other way and disappeared into the darkness and all this time he barely even looked at us. In camp there is a female that has made the place her home, she makes good use of the waterhole we have, it’s now two confirmed kills right before our eyes. This morning Mr. Simba saw it attempting some impala, she was not successful but opportunity is still in her favour as everywhere else is dry and the poor Impala have to come for a drink.

Lions are still unsettled, a lot of activity in our area with them calling loud and powerfully all the night. Our three musketeers have been roaming quite a big area, sometimes we would find them at Lake Manze and recently they were back in our area. At Lake Manze I hear there are some new males that have come and killed the cubs we talked of last, it’s a brutal act by these males but on the other hand it’s for a greater cause, by doing so within a short period of time they will have the opportunity to mate and thus raise their own offspring, theoretically a better gene than the previous as this would be the reason for their victory, a stronger gene. We will keep following them up and see where all this takes us and who resides where and with who, which cubs survive etc. To have all these predators surely requires enough prey and this is exactly what we have around the Beho Beho area. Massive herds of buffalo, about 300-400 strong, wildebeest and impala not far behind. The nights are then full of sounds you can only find in a real wilderness like Selous.

Lions, leopards and hyenas call out whilst the herds add to the rhythms with stampedes as they run down the valley to get a drink or on the other hand getting away from the predators. All this and still my favourite time is the sunset. Remarkable as always, it is the one thing that I believe you can only get in an African wilderness and nowhere else.


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