Beho Beho Bushblog – Salum – 13th Aug

Our fantastic morning started just before the game drive right at the camp with a big herd of buffalo sleeping on the plain and one male great Kudu was walking across the plain. Then we had a beautiful sunrise with a bit of cloud and the temperature was great too. We went to the Lake Manze and on the way we saw some Elephants, Two big herds of buffalo, Impala, Zebra, Baboon, Wildebeest, Warthog and a nice tower of Giraffe including some very small babies. I was heading to the big Terminalia tree for our picnic breakfast just at the beginning of the lake Manze where I heard my guest shout with an excited voice, Lion …. Lion… everybody in the vehicle replied where? Where? and he said behind the tree. We went around and fortunately it wasn’t a lion, it was the Leopard walking into grasses. After she reached the long grass she sat down but still we could see her head. After watching for a few minutes we tried to get a nice view but unfortunately she disappeared into the long grasses.  I decided to find another shaded area for our picnic breakfast.  When we were having our breakfast the Leopard came out and walked majestically across the plain to the thick bushes. Our breakfast spot was great because after the Leopard we could still see Impala, Baboon, Wildebeest, Zebra and Giraffe which where drinking. Then Onesmo radioed me that he saw some Lions. There were two Lionesses and one cub. Healthy and good looking lionesses. The little was so cute just playing with the mom’s tail. When we watched them all of a sudden we saw one Lioness get up and start to stalk with another Lioness followed but she walked right behind our car and the little cub follow them. It was a mixed herd of Impala, Wildebeest and Giraffe.  We left them there and we drove along the lake and stopped to watch a Malachite Kingfisher and suddenly young a Hippo emerged out of the water Lettuce and started munching these lettuces towards our direction while a Cattle Egret was on its back. I was amazed to see how close the Hippo came to where we were. Unfortunately it was almost lunchtime so we had to drive back to camp.


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