Beho Beho Bushblog – Salum – 5th Aug

The last few days have been great because at Lake Manze there is a lot going on, simply because the areas are getting more drier. It means that more animals are going to drink. I have done four different game drives there and each time I have seen a different pride of Lions. The first day I saw three Lionesses with four cubs near Mwanamungu and the second day I saw one Lioness and three old cubs about a year old at the beginning of the lake, then the following day I saw three Males with two lionesses at the beginning of the lake and the last day I saw two Lionesses with one small cub at the beginning of the lake and four Lions which I have never seen before, near Mwanamungu. There were three Lionesses and one young male and all were about two years old.  Also I have seen my first four Wild Pigs of the season near the Borassus Palms.  This evening I took a couple for an evening drive and we went to the Hippo pool. On the way we saw a family of Elephants just before Msine sand river. They were so relax feeding on the Doum palms, then we saw a male bush buck at the crossing.  As we arrived at the pool it was difficult to decide which animals to start watching because there where Hippos, Elephants, Baboon, Giraffe and Zebra. We watched them all starting with Zebra because they where moving, then the Elephants followed by the Giraffe, Baboons and we end up with Hippos at the hippo pool. The number of the Hippos is increasing now at the pool because of dryness of the areas. After all of these we stopped for a sundowner at the cliff and watched a family of elephants.  On the way back to camp we saw some Impala on the runway and on the side of the terminal building we saw some eyes shine and as I shone the touch it was a Leopard walking. He stopped to watch us and sat down.  Unfortunately we watched him for five minutes and we had to leave because it was already seven.


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