Beho Beho Foodie Blog – Karin – 1st Aug


celebrate |ˈseləˌbrāt|

verb [ with obj. ]

1 publicly acknowledge (a significant or happy day or event) with a social gathering or enjoyable activity: they were celebrating their wedding anniversary at a restaurant | [ no obj. ] : she celebrated with a glass of champagne.

In this case, we celebrated with a few Tequila Slammers and some Pina Coladas, but that is beside the point. We celebrated and that is all that matters.

Birthdays are nature’s way of telling us to eat more cake.” ~Anonymous~

And so we shall.

Recently we had a very special Birthday Girl in camp, celebrating her 18th year with us here in the bush.  She had beautiful nail varnish on, made up of a red base with black dots, so from there we got the inspiration for the cake – what else could it be if not a Ladybird!

Jimmy was set with the task of creating such a cake to match.

Mr. Jimmy John has been with Beho Beho for many years, and he is, of all the cooks in the kitchen, the most detail orientated; he loves to make garnishes and decorations. To make things pretty – whether it be a little sugar pearl bejeweled chocolate baobab on top of our Belgian Chocolate Mousse, an adornment of nonpareils on a cake truffle or sparkling glitters on top of some cupcakes – it is what he is all about.

Being very much a good ole’ home cooking type of scene here out in the African wilderness, our food is focused mainly on the quality and the taste, the combination of pure flavours, rather than the looks, and so to have Jimmy here embellishing the sweet stuff is just the icing on the cake. And it makes it.

For this Birthday Cake, we made just a simple Vanilla Sponge Recipe, a milk chocolate mousse filling, some red coloured butter icing for the body of the Ladybird and for the black parts, another butter icing flavoured with cacao and darkened with black gel food colouring.

It is quite significant to commemorate special days with loved ones, and It is a grand thing just to be able to be out here in this majestic piece of country, but celebrating with loved ones that you don’t see very often in such a magical place that is Beho Beho – now that takes the cake!

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