Beho Beho Bushblog – Walter – 28th July

We have been having absolutely amazing walks from camp. On most of the walks, we have had magical sightings of elephant, watching them move past us, or even feeding without any concern of us observing them.

It never seizes to astonish me, when watching them move quietly through vegetation, or how quickly a big creature, like an elephant can simply disappear behind brush as they do.

It is even more remarkable to see how the herd moves as a unit, little calf ambling along next too mom, who keeps a very close eye on her youngster.

Elephants are most certainly one of those animals you can watch for countless hours, and not get bored. May it be a young calf suckling from its mother, to a herd drinking water from a spring, or even a bull tearing away at branches with big sharp spines on them.

It can be the understanding of how intelligent these animals are, that creates such a fascination for them, or even that human quality that most people associate with elephants. But one thing is for certain they are mesmerising and enjoyable to watch.


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