Beho Beho Bushblog – Heribert – 30th July

It has been a while since I blogged, for that I am sorry to all those who actually follow up what is happening at Beho Beho, mostly with the lions in this beautiful wildlife paradise. I am back and intend to stay this time. I don’t even know where to start but here is something to get us back on track.

As the season is getting busier so are the interactions between different levels in the food chains. We are heading towards the peak of our dry season, my favourite time of the year. Water is becoming a scarce commodity and this forces more contact between predator and prey at all levels. We are beginning to see some old friends, like “Pink Nose” the hyena.
Lake Manze is now gathering up the herds in their numbers, we get buffaloes up to 400 strong between Tagalala and Beho Beho, this on the other hand brings out the predators. I had not seen the three  musketeers for a little while and was very pleased to see them the other day, we found them around
Lake Manze with two females one of which we call “Black panther”. At the same time if you remember the pride I used to call “greedy lions”, I saw the females, three of them and they had six beautiful cubs altogether. The Tagalala pride had disappeared for a while and not long ago I saw the two females along the Beho Beho River and they had their three juveniles. I haven’t seen them again but I suspect they are back to Tagalala, we have been seeing prints and Onesmo and Salum have seen lions around there, we
just have to confirm which ones they are.
The new Manze boys haven’t been seen recently, I suspect they have moved to the southeastern side of the lake, probably ganging up with a pride 13 strong. Generally, lions have spread all over the place in the last rainy season and it is only now that they are settling down in their territories. There are quite a few new boys and girls that have moved around in the area and hopefully during this dry season we can follow up and gather enough information on what pride has moved where and who is new or what has
happened to those we had last season.
All in all Selous is still living up to its expectations, beautiful landscape with now the golden grass plains and ever green palm and riverine forests creating a spectacular contrast. There has been a lot of burning in the area, not entirely complimenting the act but this has resulted to amazing sunsets and sunrises, the smoke does the trick I guess. It will be over and done in a short while and still the sunsets and sunrises here will always capture you.


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