Beho Beho Bushblog – Salum – 23rd July

We had a wonderful trip today to Lake Tagalala – our game drive started with a beautiful sighting of a family of three Elephants right on the road just before Beho Beho International. It was a mother, which was feeding milk to her baby and young male of about twelve years old. Then on the runway we saw one big male Giraffe. Just after Msine crossing we had a good time watching a troop of Baboons which were on the edge of the cliff and the young ones were playing on the climbers which were about five meters high and they were one meter apart. They where walking from tree to tree, jumping and playing by using the climber. The adults where grooming.  We watched them for about ten minutes then we carried on to the lake. It was a ‘Baboon morning’, because on the way to Tagalala we saw four troops. 

At the lake, as usual, there was a diversity of birds; we spent half an hour just at one spot doing bird watching because the variety was so great. There were Pink-backed Pelican fishing, which is always interesting to watch because they fish together. It means when they move to one direction, all of them move in tandem, and then all of them turn in another direction. Then we saw an Egyptian goose with ten small chicks, and a Black Heron – also called an umbrella bird which was fishing in the corner.

When we where in the boat we saw Crocodile mating. A Fish Eagle attacked a Goliath Heron while flying because of territorial dominance and then the Heron fell in the water, but managed to fly again to the shore, where three Terrapins were basking in the sun.  Twice we got real close to the Malachite Kingfisher, you could touch it if you reached out. We saw an adult Giant Kingfisher feeding it’s young juvenile offspring, but unfortunately the fish was big and the poor baby tried to swallow it the wrong way.

On the way home we saw an incredibly big herd of Buffalo, about five or six hundred. It is one of the biggest herds I have ever seen. They were with twenty five Giraffe and one bull Elephant in the same area.  It is amazing to see all of this wildlife together, living in harmony.


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