Beho Beho Bushblog – Walter – 21st July

It is amazing sometimes how things can just come out of nowhere, or how a quiet, short walk can change in a heartbeat. I took out some guests on a very short walk, just before their flight, and the plan was to walk to Christopher’s Baobab, where there are the graves I discussed in an earlier blog. After a quick look and some explanations, then head back to camp for breakfast and in time for their morning flight.

All was going to plan, a fairly quiet walk, although I had to change my plan as two hippos were wandering down the original path I planned to take. But these things are just part of being out here in the bush.

So we made it to Christopher’s Baobab spent some time there, before heading back to camp. Last thing we were expecting as we crossed the open plateau we were walking on, which was desolate of any wildlife at that time would be two hippo bulls powering their way up the hill, and hurtling straight towards us. Not charging us, but a territorial dispute, a dominant bull chasing another male that had crossed the boundary and needed some talking too. These two adult bulls came rushing at us, so in a quick response I had got the guests to back up and move out of their path, shouldered my rifle, and began to shout at these two heading our way. This was to no avail, as the one in front looked at me, as if to say; “I see you, I hear you, but there ain’t anyway I will be getting off this path or stopping, because have you seen the big brown thing chasing me?”

Well I got the guests around and out of the way, as the hippo bulls swung past in front of us, they quickly confronted each other, jaws wide open, canines clashing. Then as quickly as they had come rushing up, they both disappeared below.

A quick glance at one another, in complete amazement of how quick everything happened, and off we headed back to camp.

It shows you that in the bush, one always needs your wits about yourself, and eyes in the back of your head.

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