Beho Beho Bushblog – Onesmo – 20th July

We’ve got new lions in our area. This is good news for us as we have been observing lion movement in front of the camp, different lions coming and going and finally we are getting to know what is going on.

A few days ago we came across a lionesses on a walk and she was fast asleep, so she had no idea we were even there. It was all because of some baboons that we found her because the baboons are very vocal around cats, so we went to have a look and found her lying on the river bed. It was a fantastic moment because we were up on the riverbank and she was on the riverbed so we could get very close without being in any danger.

A day later, whilst out on a bumble, we found her sleeping next to a wildebeest carcass, which she had killed that afternoon, and few meters away from her was a different female with three cubs. We watched them for a few minutes before they walked away and into the bushes to hide, as they were still very shy around us.

The night was very loud; noises from hyenas and elephants in the area. I think the hyenas took the carcass because it sounded like quite a lot of hyenas making all that racket, and with cubs around the lionesses would not risk it. I hope all these lion cubs survive the hyenas, as they are renowned for killing lion cubs to lessen competition.


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