Are there leopards around Beho Beho?

It doesn’t just always happen when you are out on game drive or on a walk, often at Beho Beho, it happens in and around the camp. It could simply all happen when you fetch guests from their rooms, to escort to the main area for a pre-dinner drink.

 This happened the other evening when I fetched guests staying in banda 5. As I got close to the banda a scrub hare bounded away from close to the path. Thinking nothing of it, and seeing nothing else in my torch light, I collected the guests.  We had just taken several steps, when the guests realised they had forgotten their camera, so off one went to fetch it, as we were mere meters from the door, I stood with his wife discussing the day’s events, as one would.

As we engaged in conversation, a rustle behind us drew our attention as the scrub hare went bounding through the grass, wondering what spooked it I moved the beam of the flashlight from the direction from where she had come, to see a young female leopard, peering back at us. She then as quickly as she had appeared from nowhere, spun round and disappeared.

 The same female leopard was then seen two nights ago again, this time as we were sitting with drink in hand, as she passed by the waterhole in front of the main area. Just shows a person how much activity is around the camp in the evening.

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