Beho Beho Bushblog – Salum – 25th June

Today I took three guests to Lake Tagalala for a boating Safari. It was such a fabulous day. When we started it was quiet until we got to Selous grave. At the Msine river line palm forest we saw a variety of animal tracks in the same area. The tracks were of Elephant, Giraffe, Civet, Baboon, Lion and Hippo. After the Msine crossing it was extraordinary because we saw a family of elephants at the edge of the forest, Impala and Baboon were drinking at the small water hole, Elands, Wildebeest and Giraffe in the same area as well. We stopped to enjoy watching them for about half an hour then we carried on our drive. On the plain were two Baobabs where we managed to find one Lion and one Lioness. After watching these Lions we saw one relax male Warthog.  Unbelievable how close we got with him. At Sean’s cliff we saw three Elephants under the palm trees eating palm fruits. Then we had good time on the lake because we saw many crocodiles, Hippos, one fish jumped in the boat and my highlight was my first ever Madagascar Heron. After the boating as normal we went to refresh at the hot springs.  As we were heading to the hottest pool we heard a Blue monkeys warning call. A few meters before the pool we saw blood and drag marks going towards the hottest pool. As we got to the pool we saw a carcass of a young male Impala in the Tamarind tree, unfortunately there was no Leopard. I think the alarm call we head from the Monkey was because of the Leopard. We decided to go and swim at the lower pool. Our drive back was still fantastic because at the Msine palm forest we saw a family of five Elephants including two babies. They were eating dropped palm fruits.   


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