Beho Beho Bushblog – Walter – 12th June

The new season has started and our first guests have come and gone. The bush is really beautiful, and sightings have been very good.


We have recently done two fantastic walks with a honeymoon couple, with some unbelievable sightings on foot. We walked in the valley below Beho Beho and had a beautiful elephant sighting. We found fresh tracks of an elephant bull, and didn’t need to look too long to see him. He was returning back in our direction, checking the wind with a kick of my shoe showed that we were in the wrong position as the wind was swirling towards the elephant bull.


I got the couple to follow me and get the wind in the right direction, we then used some young Doum Palms to conceal our position, and peering from their safety, we watched the young bull pass by our location.


On another walk we went to the battlefields, where Cpt. F. C. Selous was killed in battle. On route we had a fantastic sighting of a breeding herd of elephant, we watched from a hill, using high ground as safe ground. As the herd fed below, two very young calves, one of about 2 months old and another of about 3 months old, were keeping very close to their mothers. After observing them for a while, we slinked off and carried on with the walk. Eventually reaching the vehicle where we would enjoy some drinks and watch the sunset. Chatting away, I then noticed three impala rams make a hasty retreat from something, scanning across from where they ran from, a lioness. Onto the vehicle we all sprang and away we went, to find a large lioness, a regular of the area, with belly bulging from a meal she must have just had. 


Great way to end another day in Africa.

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1 Response to Beho Beho Bushblog – Walter – 12th June

  1. Richard Thorold says:

    Hi Walter,
    The animals and the bush sounds fantastic. Wish Emilia and I were there to see it all again, we are really envious. Give our regards to everyone.
    Best wishes Richard & Emilia

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