Beho Beho Foodie Blog – Karin – 20th February

The Heart of The Selous


There is no love sincerer than the love of food.

~George Bernard Shaw ~

I had been dreaming about this day for weeks, and indeed Valentine’s Day was celebrated here at Beho Beho in a very special way – and with what else but food, glorious food? In pretty little hearted shapes of course.

We started the day off at first light, the sun rising crimson on the horizon, the warm glow radiating out over the hills and valleys, the shadows of night diminishing, and along with the usual rusks and terrific Tanzanian coffee, stained glass butter biscuits accompanied the daybreak wake-up calls.

Guests and guides alike proceeded to venture out on game activities while the kitchen was abuzz with the labour of love that is cooking.

Lunch was marked by a heart-cutout overload – heart shaped breads, homemade red wine & beef fillet pie with heart cutouts in the puff pastry, heart-shaped watermelon for the watermelon, feta & olive salad, heart shaped meringues for dessert etc. etc. Oh, the cuteness!

LOVE: A word properly applied to our delight in particular kinds of food; sometimes metaphorically spoken of the favorite objects of all our appetites.

~ Henry Fielding ~

Teatime had to be the loveliest part of the festivities, with colourfully decorated almond Valentine’s cookies, raspberry & white chocolate cupcakes and hibiscus ice tea.

Game activity snacks didn’t miss the theme of the day, and we had a few heart-shaped meaty bites and cassava chips to accompany the sundowner drinks.

We had a few love-punch cocktails for pre-dinner drinks, and the bar and main area was beautifully decorated with all sorts of heart paraphernalia to emphasize the occasion.

Dinner commenced under the magnificent starlit sky of the Selous, and a sultry summer breeze gave some relief after the hot day’s hustle and bustle. We served some old favorites, comfort food, heart-food, made with love and celebrated with a little bit of bubbly, those we love, near and far on a perfectly happy day.

Ps. Ottavio – hope you enjoyed your virtual Valentine’s Day cookie:).

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4 Responses to Beho Beho Foodie Blog – Karin – 20th February

  1. Thomas says:

    Superb….!! Wow…!! Speechless

  2. Karin Krüger says:

    Thank you Thomas! :). K.

  3. sarah baileu says:

    Thank you, Karin, for such a sumptuous feast on Valentione’s Day!!!!
    Your passion for food is remarkable and all your Chefs are so enthusiastic,too

    • Karin Krüger says:

      It was an absolute pleasure, I had a great time – thank you for the complements Mrs. B:).
      And yes, we do have a great team of cooks in the kitchen, I am very fortunate to have such a wonderful crew!

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