Beho Beho Bushblog – Heribert – 17th February

Every week presents its surprises and amazing experiences whilst in the Selous. Over the last week we have had so much game gathering around Lake Manze and basically anywhere near water, zebra and wildebeest with their young, lots of giraffe, buffalo and impala. This as we know attracts the predators; our cats are busy with plentiful prey, all it takes is the necessary skills of which they are born with. On the last blog I wrote about the two females with a zebra kill and wondered what might happen in the night, we drove there the next morning and found the three musketeers almost finishing up the entire kill, one of the females had gone or was maybe chased off and later on in the evening we saw one of the three boys mating with the female that was left. Whilst watching these cats devouring the zebra, a side stripped jackal came running from one side of the plain to the other, it made its point very clear that it did not want anything to do with us, he just ran across not even looking at us. It had been a while since I last saw this beautiful canine.

At Lake Manze, with the hundreds of game the prides there are back in business, we saw Umoja from the new Manze boys the other day and later on saw the three females in the pride, one of them is definitely with cubs but she hasn’t reviled her treasures yet.

The carmine bee-eaters are becoming more and more an entertainment as one drives through the plains, vultures in abundance cleaning up whatever is left out there whilst other raptors deal with rodents and smaller members lower in the food chain. It is truly a magical place at the moment, although it is quite warm and humid.

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