Beho Beho Bushblog – Heribert – 13th February

It has been a while since I last wrote something about the Tagalala pride; if you have been following these are two females with three now sub adults of which two are male. Onesmo called in for a sighting at the roller coaster the other day, so we rushed there and there was this pride looking healthy and happy. I was quite pleased to see them again, I am now wondering what has happened to the Manze boys, I am sure they are wearing down with age and sadly life is becoming tougher and tougher.

Yesterday, Walter called in for a kill, it was two females that had brought down a zebra that afternoon, and they still had bloody faces and had only eaten some of the internal organs as they were still catching their breath. Vultures were gathering slowly as it was getting dark, we could only imagine what happened in the night. In the distance there was a crowd to witness, elands, wildebeest and zebra that may have lost a friend or maybe a relative, watching them with the sun setting was a magical experience.

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1 Response to Beho Beho Bushblog – Heribert – 13th February

  1. sarah baileu says:

    Well done, again, Heribert!

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