Beho Beho Bushblog – Heribert – 31st January

Its amazing how one day can differ from another in the wilderness of Africa, one day can be full of surprises and yet the other very quiet. This is what adds the excitement though, looking forward to the unexpected. Lately we have had good sightings of what we call the general game, your calving zebra and wildebeest, giraffe and impala, occasional herds of buffalo about 300+ and the eland not far from the hundreds. Elephant bulls and breeding herds are scattered all over the area. I have had some really close encounters with a couple of bulls that walked almost four metres from the car, incredible experience.

Our lions haven’t been left out, the three musketeers can be heard in the night and just the other day Onesmo found a female with a zebra kill, and I saw another lone female very active close to midday, she looked in need of food. We can only hope that she finds it. I also met another pride of five that I haven’t met before, composed of four females and a male. It was a bit sad to see the conditions they had, most of them were limping, the male was even worse, he had a bad cut on his left hind leg and almost the same on his front right. We could only work out a fight with another pride or an attempt to bring down a large prey of which they must have failed; they looked like they could use a descent meal.

Bird life still incredible, carmines all over the place entertaining one as you drive through the plains. This works well with the still green scenery and landscapes, a true paradise as I like to call it.


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