Beho Beho Bushblog – Onesmo – 30th January

I have an elephant to name and I am struggling to find the right name. A very relaxed big bull with huge tusks and he is new to the area. We went on an afternoon drive a few days ago and we found this beauty feeding on palm fruits. We parked the car a few meters from it and started taking photos while chatting. Half an hour later he started walking towards the car and all of us went in to silent mode with our cameras well tucked away. He slowly walked to the vehicle with his head high, trunk and ears raised, eyes wide open trying to find out who we were. Curiously he inspected us for a few seconds and peacefully walked away leaving all of us astonished. Tony and Christine were in the car which made it more fun because Christine was very afraid or should I say has had experiences with Elephants, from there on she was in love with them.

Yesterday morning I set off for a walk around six thirty with Frank and Anke, the temperature was nice and the sun was rising as we set off into the wild. Hippos had been around and hyenas were very loud that night so there were tracks all over the place. We encountered some elephants and many other animals as we walked, and just as it started getting warm we approached the Msine forest. As we walked next to the bush, one big Leopard shot out. It was probably where he had been planning to spend the day, and as it sprung in front of us we could easily see him getting away. This was very special because it is not that common to see a leopard so close while walking. Some of us are lucky with these cats because with the same couple to Tagalala, we found another huge male leopard of which I first thought it was a lion. He walked away to the bushes and we could not see him any more. We then drove on to the lake and had a wonderful time.

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3 Responses to Beho Beho Bushblog – Onesmo – 30th January

  1. How about simply calling him ‘Sir’. 🙂
    How lovely to be able to name an elephant.

  2. Reblogged this on Journal of an adventurous mother and commented:
    Onesmo at Beho Beho Bushcamp is looking for inspiration naming a bull elephant. I suggested ‘Sir’. Have you any better ideas? If so, drop a comment here on on the Beho Beho blog.

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