Beho Beho Bush Blog – Heribert – 28th January

With almost if not more than five days without rain, most parts of this park are beginning to get dry. There are still some water puddles here and there but one can clearly see if it doesn’t rain any more then we will be getting back to that tense time. All in all, it has been an exceptional time; so far bird life is incredible with all the migrants in flocks. Herds of animals almost evenly spread throughout the plains, the zebras and the wildebeest are calving the little ones are exceptionally cute.

Out of all this, there is one day I was very impressed. I went out with Tony and Christine and honestly we had no clue what kind of day we were about to experience. It was one of those days where everything decides to show, as usual the general game was abundant big herds of zebra and wildebeest all over each and every plain we drove through, a big buffalo herd of about 350 plus, eland in numbers and yes of course the mighty giraffe and the elegant Impala. After having something to eat we thought it couldn’t get better than it has been so far so we had no expectations, about an hour later we came across my favourite pack of wild dogs (Blackies pack), 18 of them and very relaxed. We spent a little while watching them play and fight against the many flies that kept annoying all of us. Driving back to camp we then came across a lioness that clearly was lactating, she was trying to hunt from the looks of it but everything had moved a bit too far so she started walking away, we tried to keep up with her for a while thinking it will lead us to its treasure but she wondered off into the thickets. After all of this we started working on how much we hadn’t seen rather than what we had of which there wasn’t much.

Lake Tagalala is as always breathtaking, the crocodiles growing bigger each time you visit. Birdlife is incredible, Osprey and fish eagles competing for hunting grounds, the skimmers skimming the surface majestically its just wonderful.

Just yesterday we saw the three musketeers, one of them a couple of days ago was seen with a baby giraffe and was well fed and still quite round, the other two somehow missed this feast and look a little desperate for a descent meal.


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