Beho Beho Bushblog – Walter – 23rd January

Have come back from some time off, to find a beautiful green and wet Selous. Game viewing as always has been very good, with large numbers of general game. Large dazzles of zebra running together as one big blended stripe, wildebeest herds amongst and the slow motion gallop of the giraffe following.

Yesterday we went to Lake Tagalala, which was an absolutely fantastic day. As we slowly made our way there, we found the vehicle surrounded by the cerise pink and blue headed, Northern Carmine Bee-eaters. At some stages we must have had over 30 birds flying swiftly past the vehicle, capturing their escaping bug delights as we disturbed them, when driving past.

This fantastic spectacle was then followed by us watching as 5 Spotted Hyaena, tore away at a giraffe calf carcass; possibly one that they had recently killed by the clan. One could hear how the bones were been crushed by the powerful jaws of the hyaena, and a little squabbling also took place for bits and pieces of meat, to fill their hunger. We sat watching the clan feed, before another vehicle approaching caused one of the clan members to simply pick up the carcass in his jaws and run with it. Quite an impressive feat when you realise that a newly born giraffe calf can weigh 80kg.

It is always good to be welcomed back with such beautiful scenery and sightings. 

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