Beho Beho Bushblog – Heribert – 11th January

It’s been a remarkable end to 2011 and so far a very good start to the new year. The Selous is lush and green and bouts of rain from now and then but still very humid. We have been having fun driving through the muddy roads after the rains, slipping and sliding and getting stuck is the name of the game.  Despite all this the game has been incredible especially around the camp, big herds of zebra, wildebeest, buffalo not to mention the graceful Impala, giraffe and occasional eland. This has drawn the attention of predators too, we had the wild dogs (Blackies pack) for a while during the holiday season, lions have been advertising their presence all around the place, leopards could not be left behind as they too make their presence known in the night around the camp.

About a month ago we had a pride of four adult female lions with four cubs (2 male and 2 female), it was unfortunate about a week and a half ago we found two cubs stranded in the Beho Beho River, they stayed there for a good four days without any sign of the moms coming back so they moved trying to survive, I am almost certain that they are part of the pride I just described as I found this pride with only two cubs this time, we hope the two cubs reunite with the pride. Our three musketeers have been very active around their territory and recently one of them was on honeymoon, good for the brothers. Haven’t seen or heard of the new Manze boys as of late but I believe they will be doing great, I found a pride of nine the other day around lake Manze, this composed of five juveniles and four females.

Leopards are well known as illusive creatures; they are indeed living up to their reputation. I was lucky to see one on Xmas day and yesterday out with Ivanova we managed to see a glimpse of one, other than that its become a mission to see these magnificent cats, the vegetation has gotten very dense, perfect cover for a creature designed to blend in with the environment in which they occur. We got lucky on this same day to see a honey badger; being nocturnal in nature you hardly see these fearless animals during the day.

There is so much happening now, the migrants are coming in flocks, Carmine bee-eaters accompany you as you drive around a breath taking landscape. The scenery right now I must admit is what I would call paradise.

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