Beho Beho Bushblog – Heribert – 2 Nov

Not often does one get a chance to spend some time with Africa’s smallest carnivore, often do we just see glimpses of these beautiful creatures. On a drive the other day we came across a little gang of dwarf mongoose, as usual the rest of the family immediately disappeared out of sight but one, this little chap sat on a log next to the road not more than 4mtrs from us and just posed, it was even better when I found out the couple I had on board, Jeffery and Jessica found it even more exciting so we spent a good 15mins getting every angle one would need for a good photo. With my little point and shoot I managed to get a few good ones, well at least. The face is amazing its almost like a miniature bear, vicious claws and very attentive eyes, I think this is my new favourite amongst the mongoose group.

I also bumped into our three musketeers, this time who have moved all the way to Lake Tagalala. They looked healthy and seem to really have settled in what we would call their territory. I am still wondering what has happened to the old Manze boys, last seen they were around Lake Tagalala this is now two months or so.


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