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garlic |ˈgärlik|


1 a strong-smelling pungent-tasting bulb, used as a flavoring in cooking and in herbal medicine.

2 the plant, closely related to the onion, that produces this bulb. • Allium sativum, family Liliaceae (or Alliaceae).


garlicky adjective

ORIGIN Old English gārlēac, from gār [spear] (because the shape of a clove resembles the head of a spear) + lēac [leek.]

Everything tastes better with garlic.

So, adding onto the bread theme of one of the previous blogs -because bread is just too diverse a subject to write about once and then let it go – I think I will continue on this topic with one of the best inventions ever: Garlic Bread. One of my all time favourite breads would have to be garlic bread. Yes? Yes. There is just something so enticing to the senses about it that it can not be denied!

The aluminium foil enfolding said delicious bread is just like gift-wrap – similar to concealing a present on Christmas day! Ah! I get enlivened just thinking about it! When you disrobe it hot-hot-hot from the glistening foil and the garlicky, buttery steam escapes to deliver a glorious whisper, just a glimpse of the enticing delight that is about to follow – similar to the excitement of a child on their birthday; knowing there is a decorative paper-wrapped parcel hidden under the bed with their name on it!  

Made fresh from scratch is of course always the best, and I must say that here at Beho Beho, where we bake all of our own breads daily, I am a little spoilt for pleasure.

But it is so easy to cheat and make it effortlessly at home as well, without all that measuring and kneading and proving and baking, I wonder why not more of us do it? Just buy a baguette, cut diagonally, mix some butter, a little garlic and chives or parsley, and spread copious amounts of it between the slices before wrapping up in foil and baking in the oven or over the coals until it is piping hot. Or if you want a sort of halfway mediator, you could buy ready mixed dough and do the baking at home, and then just add the garlic butter. Add a little bit of cheese into the mix to make it super delicious!

Who cares if it smells a bit funky – especially out here in wild Africa – you’ll be riding in an open-backed vehicle, searching for some elusive game or looking at animals aplenty on the savannahs, in the woodlands, on the plains; hence there are no worries about fellow passengers being offended from the unavoidable garlic-breath evidence of  wonderfully tasting galic-bread-munching gone afore! 

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