Beho Beho Bushblog – Heribert – 19th Oct

Another amazing day in the wilderness of the Selous. Out with the Wheelers on their last drive and a lovely surprise awaited. We took off early morning as usual, it was rather quiet for the first two hours just a couple of pretty birds and a few impala and one rare sighting of a red duiker, well at least a glimpse of it.

After we had breakfast our luck changed for the better, after about 30mins Mary-Beth saw something in a tree but couldn’t make out what it was so we stopped with the idea of backing up to take a close look and as we were discussing this Bob shouted,”What’s that, what’s that…. Serval!!!”, it was an exciting moment as we all confirmed “Serval”. I was amazed at how quick Mary-Beth was with her camera, this beautiful cat didn’t stay long it just popped out of the long grass, gave us a stare and off it went but in these few seconds we got a few pictures. I honestly had started believing that it is close to impossible to see a serval in the selous until today.

After it disappeared we went on and had some lovely sightings of the new impala generation that is now coming to life, this reminded us of the previous day where we found a mother that had just given birth and the tiny calf struggling out of the placenta, we then sat there and watched this little one struggle to get on its little feet, it took about fifteen minutes and it was up and running with mother towards the rest of the herd. It is the best sighting I have had of an Impala. Yet another good day in this God given paradise.

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