Beho Beho Bushblog – Heribert – 16th October

It was just the other day when life was tough, water scarce, predators lurking, not much to eat and hot. It was good for us as it was easier to find the animals plus the interactions between them created quite a spark.

Our new Manze boys are doing quite well, they have been given lovely names by Henry and his partner doing a project on the lions in the area. Uhuru na Umoja, this means Freedom and Unity I must admit the names suit them both. I was very happy the other day to see the rest of the Manze pride (greedy lions), if we recall there was a female with one cub and I thought she had disappeared but I saw them with the young females of the pride together with one of the young males, who knows what happened to the other one but it was a good feeling to know that the cub is still alive, alone with its sisters and brother. One of the young females we found mating with Uhuru the other day and hopefully in a couple of months down the line we will have some new blood in the system.

It has been a while since I last saw the Tagalala pride (2 females, 3 cubs); I assume they are doing well. The original Manze boys are also nowhere to be seen or heard, but I hope they are still alive. Two days ago I found two females with four cubs only months old, still no idea which ones they are, they have been around for a few days now and hopefully it turns out that they are with our Musketeers.

The three Musketeers are doing well and now getting well established in the area, together with two females the pride should stay around for a long time. I found them the other day well fed, I didn’t see what they ate but they are definitely successful.

Yesterday was quite interesting, it started off as a very quiet day but turned out to be very special. Out on an evening drive Onesmo called in for a leopard, knowing the leopards here, it was quite a surprise that it stayed put for more than an hour and that was nice for all to see. As it was just beginning to get dark, the leopard came down the tree and disappeared into the thickets and thereafter another good treat, the two female lions and four cubs not more than 30mtrs from the leopard. Driving back I came across a beautiful puff adder close to Selous’s grave and that made up for the quiet time we have now as the animals are well dispersed.

We have had some rain in the last two weeks and this has or is turning the area lush and green, new grass coming and the trees sprouting, life is back in the Selous.

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