Beho Beho Bushblog – Onesmo – 25th Sep

After a long nice afternoon walk we end up on the Msine river cliff for a nice sunset overlooking the red sun on the palm forest. After the sundowners we got back on the car to drive back to camp and just before we crossed the Msine River we found two leopard on a kill a mother and cub. They had killed an impala and dragged it under a bush and had just started eating it. We had a few minutes with them before they moved away and just time for us to drive back to camp. Yesterday morning went back there but they might have heard us coming and sneaked away. In the evening we went back to the same sport and found the female in the tree and cub next to the kill feeding and after a while he left to join the female. We went there this morning and there is still some meat but they were not around. What a sight.

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3 Responses to Beho Beho Bushblog – Onesmo – 25th Sep

  1. Debbie Warren says:

    Wow! How wonderful, Onesmo! Where were they last week when we were there?????? I’m ready to come back soon, so hold on to those cats.

    Debbie Warren

    • behobeho says:


      They stayed for three days and the last day were all very close to each other finishing up the kill. The kill had started to smell a bit which would have attracted Hyena’s. Next morning we went back and we found not even a single piece of born and this means the Hyena’s got hold of kill and finished it up because Leopards don’t eat up all the bones. So some where there, will be two nice well fed and sleepy Leopards digesting an Impala.


  2. bozena says:

    Hey DUDE ! miss you. B&B from Norway. Wish to have seen the chui with you.

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