Beho Beho Bushblog – Sean – 15th Sep

The trip to Lake Tagalala was sidetracked somewhat! We could hear the dogs calling from camp as we were waiting for everyone to gather before we left and we were anxious to get out and find them. Ian was first out and found them near the bush camp. We followed on shortly and watched a lot of interesting interactions with the pups and adults as they reconvened from various different locations. They had all been hunting and must have made a kill near Fisi spring, plus possibly another kill (or two) at other locations, hence why they were all coming from different areas. After nearly two hours of good viewing, we left them and made our way to the lake.

Just before getting to the boat – another slight diversion as we spotted some lions. This time a lioness and three cubs. They quickly tired of us and the heat and made their way under some better shade where they could not be seen.


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