Beho Beho Bushblog – Sean – 14th Sep

A day of babies:

Word came in over the radio – the dogs had been sighted, with their pups. We raced out there, close to Lake Tagalala, but it took almost 30minutes and we arrived to see tracks only. The scent of the dogs was still heavy in the morning air, but they had moved on.

We slowly moved on – hoping that somewhere in the vicinity the dogs would re-appear. No luck, but we did have a great morning. Not too far away we came across a crèche of giraffe with a few mothers. Two of the youngsters still had the umbilical cord attached – which is quite often persistent for about ten to fourteen days in giraffe, some very young little guys!

A small herd of zebra with a very young foal were with them but soon spooked and we saw the reason – about five adult hyenas, with two pups. Much to our amusement the pups had been the ones chasing the zebra – talk about being optimistic!

On the way past Lake Manze we had a really good view of a herd of hartebeest – no babies though!

Two different herds of buffalo stopped to watch us with curiosity, youngsters peering from behind their mothers.

In the afternoon we went out to look for the dogs again – no dogs, but we did see cats… a pride of lions lying up in the riverbed. Two lionesses, one sub-adult male and four cubs.

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