Beho Beho Bushblog – Kimberley – 10th Sep

Our three local boys have been busy again – this time successfully taking down a large adult buffalo two nights ago. Spotted first thing in the morning, Ian saw a single lion in the distance and the remains of a kill. We decided to sneak down there to get a better look. Vultures were already circling and falling from the sky in their dramatic way at an astonishing speed. We found the first member of this tremendous trio, full and fat crouching on a termite mound under a bush trying to swat away the early morning flies.

A little further on to the left was the second young boy – licking his paws surrounded by a number of beautiful ground hornbills -their red faces contrasting with their black feathers as they picked around the lion looking for fallen tit-bits of carcass.

 And then finally the third and I have to admit the most beautiful young boy of the three. He was lying a little further on next to the carcass of the now fallen buffalo – with his first tufts of mane hair showing (his are the longest by far in comparison to the others). He sat proudly next to his trophy buffalo protecting it from the encroaching vultures.

We returned to camp and spent most of the day watching the lions from the main area with guests. The three boys took turns to protect the carcass from the vultures – regularly getting up and chasing them away. Twenty four hours later and the lions are still there lying alongside their prized possession – still chasing away the hungry vultures who have not had any chance to feed. There is not much left of the carcass but our boys persist – obstinate and smug like three typical teenage boys!

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