Beho Beho Bushblog – Ian – 7th Sep

“PUPS” – Our first sighting for the season!!!

Myself, Stephen, Colin & Gill set off for a leisurely afternoon stroll, just “stretching legs” and seeing what was about.

We set off in an Easterly direction past the waterhole or more commonly known as the “Duck Pond”. A hippo passed by earlier and was resting in the shade of a Wildmedlar some 15 meters from the waterhole. Not to disturb him, we quietly sneaked past and continued our walk down into the Msine Valley and towards the spring.

The previous evening we had seen six Wild Dogs at the top end of the airstrip and during the night there was a bit of a commotion down in the valley, we were going to investigate and see what was going on.

As we approached the river everything seemed awkwardly quite down there. We dropped down to the river bank and stood there for a while … just taking in the beauty and serenity of the place … quietly and very unexpectedly a solitary buffalo bull walked out of the forest from the spring and down into the river in front of us. Seeming completely oblivious of us he then continued down the river towards us and then as if he was deciding where to go next slowly moved up the river bank directly in our direction … it was at this point that I stuck my pride and brave soul in my pocket and heeded to the “old dugga boy”.

We continued to Phise spring and stalked into the Dume & Borasses Palm forest along the riverbank. A very strange “clicking” noise was coming from the forest. We listened in utter silence … nothing … we crept forward … suddenly, a bark, to our left … dogs exploded from a deep sleep underneath fallen palm leaves and scampered out of the forest a mere 15 meters from us!!!

As they ran up the hill I could see a couple of pups … WILD DOG PUPS!!!! Our first glimpse of the pups this season … the pups continued up the hill and disappeared from our sight, a couple of adults seemed less perturbed and hung around for a while longer before following the pups!!

Walter relocated the Dogs on the airstrip and very kindly came to pick us up. We spent the rest of the afternoon enjoying a superb sighting of the Wild Dogs just lazing around on the airstrip. The pups were a little more wary of us and hung back from the adults.

As the sun dropped behind the hills and filled the sky with breathtaking colours, a gentle breeze set the dogs off towards the “Battlefields” in search of their evening meal. We headed back to camp and thoroughly enjoyed “sundowners” at the bar excitedly discussing the arrival of this season’s Wild Dog Pups!!!

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