Beho Beho Bushblog – Heribert – 26th Aug

What a week this has been, almost everyday we had at least one lion. It is still confusing with which pride occupies which territory, I have started compiling photos of the males we have in the area and hopefully sooner than later we will be able to tell which male is with which pride and which territory they have acquired. Lets take a look at these few that I have already identified but still need to allocate names, there is a coalition of three males where one is completely maneless and I am thinking “The three musketeers”.


The Manze boys are still doing great and they are based with the Tagalala pride. In Manze things are a little bit confusing, there are two brothers that come and go and another male that I found with a pride from the Eastern side of the lake, in the last week I have seen the Manze pride, this raises questions as to what has happened to them and their little cub.

Generally the dry season is coming with a lot of excitement and adventure, general the game is now very abundant around the lakes. Our resident Hyenas are still prospering but I feel like they have chased our wild dog pack (blacky’s) out of the area or at least that is happening, as we don’t often see these creatures. Let’s see how it all goes and I will keep posting as to what is happening with our cats.

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