Beho Beho Bushblog – Heribert – 21st Aug

Come August and yet another August the 21st being my favourite. This is the day I came to life. Out in the in the wilderness of the Selous I had a lovely day, started off with a morning drive that made my day a memorable one. I had onboard a birthday mate. Our first treat was the hyena den; here we found four puppies happily enjoying the comfort of their home before going to rest for the rest of the day. We moved on and this was now the highlight for my day, rare painted dogs, six in total by the lollipop crossing, I had not seen these magnificent creatures in about a month. Wild/painted dogs are one of my favourite animals in the world, it’s a shame that they are at such a status. It was not long after this that we found a beautiful most relaxed male lion around Lake Manze, it was the only lion we saw for the day but it surely quenched everyone’s thirst. I couldn’t ask for a better birthday.

Coming to camp I found the icing for my day, they had made Clare and I a beautiful “PINK” cake that we shared. This reminded me of my last birthday at Beho Beho where they made me a “PINK” cake courtesy of Ian. I thank each and everyone that made this day so memorable and special.

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