Beho Beho Bushblog – Heribert – 15th Aug

Our lions have been a little confusing as the prides have split to mate and a new one has come through. The Manze pride (greedy lions) have been in a hard time, each time I see them they either have been in a fight or something like that. As of lately two from the pride have disappeared and we only see one of the sub adult females and males together with an adult female and a cub. Two new prides have moved in to their territory or at least trying to move in. One pride comes from the eastern side of Manze and it comprises of supposedly 17 lions and the second pride is rather a small one where there are only three females. In one day we managed to see another three males with one female then later the Manze pride and the new pride and finally the three females, so in total we saw 19 lions from three or more likely four prides all in the same area or let me say not far from each other. This obviously suggests great competition amongst these prides as to who will take over this very productive territory. It may take some time from now until this is settled and then we can clearly tell which pride is which and where have they established.

The Tagalala pride is still doing well, quiet happy with their territory and very successful. The cubs are getting much bigger now and sooner than later they will be able to join in hunts and thus increase the chances of getting bigger prey and more often. General game is still gathering up in herds and we now see quiet big herds of buffalo, wildebeest and impala at the water areas. Hyenas are multiplying around the Beho Beho area, 5 puppies growing very well as the parents are becoming better hunters. Giraffe are as usual in their journeys and all this amongst the golden brown grass and the wilted trees that look as though they are dead makes the area a real beauty and very dramatic.

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