Beho Beho Bushblog – Onesmo – 9th Aug

It was a nice Sunny afternoon, after coffee and tea the Robinson’s and I left for a bush night adventure. The walk to the bush camp was nice and full of surprises. The hippos were particularly exciting especially when they decided to come out of the water and disappear into the woods. We arrived at the camp at the right time for a gin and tonic while watching the sun go down. We sat under the stars looking at the scorpion above us while having our dinner and exchanging bush stories.  The night was calm until a herd of Buffalo came across the camp and off they went to the Msine River for water. After dinner while in our tents hyenas took over the camp and they were calling all night long around the tents. Next morning we started our walk at  7am heading to the forest where we came across a pack of wild dogs sleeping under a palm tree. We were all so exited as we had spent days looking for them and there they were. They moved on towards the Beho Beho River and we decided not to follow them. On the way back to camp we came across a big herd of Buffalo’s grazing along the forest. Among them were a lot of footprints, which gave us an idea of what had been around that night.

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