Beho Beho Bushblog – Sean – 8th Aug

Last night we took a walk around the World War 1 trenches. Peaceful, with not much around, but really beautiful. The late afternoon sun really warms everything up and the grass takes on a golden hue. Just as we were nearing our return to the vehicle we came across a python. A beautiful specimen, obviously having recently sloughed. She just lay next to the path, letting us walk around and take photos from various angles.

This morning we took a walk across the tamarind plain and then dropped down into the Msine Ndogo riverbed and circled back to camp in time for lunch. We had great viewing of herds of impala, wildebeest, giraffe, two different sightings of small groups of buffalo bulls, a waterbuck cow suckling her calf and a bushbuck. Then, just as we nearing our return to camp we sat on a fallen over tree and watched as an elephant bull fed towards us, oblivious of our presence and calmed by the feeding noises and antics of a troop of baboons. As he came downwind of us he obviously picked up our scent and turned towards us, raising his trunk. Not too perturbed though, he turned walked away.

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