Beho Beho Bushblog – Walter – 4th Aug

Well today would have started as normal, or so we all thought. Wake up the guests with some tea or coffee, meet in front when it is light and head out to Lake Tagalala for a full days excursion. On Lake Tagalala day we drive to the lake to do a boat trip, and then enjoy the hot springs located close to the Lake. The hot springs assists with feeding the Lake with water.

However, let’s not deviate from the day’s events, so all was going as normal, until a small breeding herd of elephant made their way between Banda 1 and 2. The herd comprised of two adult cows and two youngsters, which made themselves comfortable and preceded to feed close to Banda 1. So I had to negotiate around the herd to get to the two guests coming from Banda 5. Once we did a back of house route back to the vehicle, our next adventure could begin.

The next adventure would come soon, when we had just crossed the Msini river, we spotted Wild Dogs on a fresh kill, an Impala ram. Must have just missed it by 10 or 20 minutes, but the vultures were already there, ready to retrieve the remnants. 10 Wild Dogs all belonging to the pack we call, Blacky’s Pack”. We watched the pack as they devoured the impala ram, vultures awaiting an opportunity to grab at some of the meat. As the flesh was coming to an end the dogs began their move back to the den again. Typical behaviour especially when there are other dogs at the den with the alpha female, babysitting the pups. The dogs will head back to regurgitate meat to the dogs that haven’t eaten yet. Eventually when it was down to the last three stragglers, the vultures started descending in masses, attempting to chase the dogs off the leftovers and get a taste of what remained of the ram.  As the final three made their way, I decided to follow as we have been searching in an attempt to locate the packs den, with no success, but this morning I was determined to see if we could find it.

We followed closely behind, and they led us to a valley system, which was the end of the route for us, but gave us an indication of where they are denning.

After a successful morning, we made our way to a fantastic boat trip, with hippo and crocodiles ever watchful as we came past with the boat. African Skimmers with their modified bottom bills to help them skim the water, African Spoonbills spooning through the sediment and catching fish with a quick swipe of the beak and Black Heron forming an umbrella with their wings, so that fish retreat under their wings because they assume it is a safe, shaded place. They however meet a spearing bill of the heron.

A stop and possible splash at the hot springs, and then we headed back to the camp, after a very successful and enjoyable day.

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