Beho Beho Bushblog – Kimberley – 30th July

Today is a birthday day. Two fellow bush travellers celebrate their special birthdays with us at Beho Beho in one of the remotest places in all of Africa. The day started as normal with guests enjoying morning activities – some walking and some driving. Lunch was delicious as always and afternoon tea had a special surprise birthday gala planned. Our beloved chefs under the guidance of Karin made one of the most sought after cakes known to mankind – it’s the kind of cake you wake yourself up when dreaming about! A gigantic triple layered cherry, cream and chocolate cake covered with dark chocolate shavings – the prized ‘Black Forest Gateau’!  Candles were blown out and the cake was cut by the birthday girl and boy and then devoured eagerly by all.  In the late afternoon, Debbie and her two daughters Alexandra and Elizabeth decided to kick their shoes off and spend the afternoon relaxing in camp – they were on holiday after all! And with the amount of wildlife which can be seen from the verandas’ of the rooms – there was no need to feel guilty for missing out on an activity. Life in the camp itself can be just as satisfying! I agreed with the girls that we’d meet for a 6pm sun downer in the main dining area – and whipped up some naughty but nice afternoon cocktails to celebrate Alexandra’s 23rd birthday. Cosmopolitans were on the menu for the girls! We all sat around the bar and sipped on our chilled cosmo’s chatting about this and that and nibbling on some bar snacks. A herd of waterbuck who usually hang around camp in the early evening came to the watering hole to drink. Karin came to join us for a drink and we all enjoyed the coolness of the daylight receding and the night arriving. Just then, I saw a large cat standing by the watering hole – walking within 5 or 6 metres of the bulky waterbuck! ‘Leopard’ I shouted! And we all turned to watch as this large majestic creature sauntered along past the watering hole without a care in the world. The waterbuck stood there frozen and started to snort loudly and follow on after him – just making sure he knew they had seen him and they meant business! We were all ecstatic to have seen a leopard and even more so that we only had to sit around the bar and sip on a cocktail to see one! For Alexandra – it was the perfect birthday gift and we laughed at the irony of it all as the boys trekked about sweating in the African bush looking for big game, when all you really needed to do was sip a cosmo and sit back and relax in the camp!

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