Beho Beho Bushblog – Ian – 31st July

What an extraordinary start to a very wonderful morning!!! Accompanied by Arthur & Peter, we set off for a “long” walk, in and around the Beho Beho Hills.

 We dropped down into the Msine Valley, crossing the Msine River below the Lunch Banda and continued our walk through the Riverine Forest along the river. We had barely made the crossing and moved into the river when we stumbled across a beautiful mature elephant bull feeding amongst the Paperbark Acacia’s in the forest. We observed the old bull for a few minutes before we set off for the plains, en-route to the hills.

The sun had risen at this point but was obscured by some early morning low-lying cloud….

With a start like this … to any given day … how can you not but have an amazing day!!

An 8-hour journey through one off the most pristine Wilderness areas in Africa …very few souls have wandered through this amazing landscape … a rare selection of Riverine Forest, open Plains, Montane Forest, Valleys, grassy Hills and a Baobab nursery … a true adventure awaited us.

We were rewarded with prolific game sightings. From Giraffe, Wildebeest and Impala on the open plains, a close encounter or I should say “encounters” with some old Buffalo Bulls, Zebra visiting us whilst having a picnic breakfast in the hills, Hippo wallowing in the remains of previously deep cool pools, Warthogs staring us down, and a wonderful selection of Waterbuck, Giraffe, Impala & Eland greeting us on our way back to camp.

A truly wonderous expedition in a place where few have ventured before.

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