Beho Beho Bushblog – Salum – 26th & 28th July

28th July

This morning I took a family of six for the morning drive. We had a fantastic time in the bush. We drove to Lake Manze. On the way there we saw many animals like Impala, Warthog, Wildebeest, Zebra, Giraffe with babies, and at Lolly Pop crossing we saw a big troop of Baboons in the palm trees and a family of Elephants. We had our lovely picnic breakfast at the lake while we were watching Hippo, Crocodile and nice Birds. After our breakfast we carried on with our drive along the lake and we saw the Manze pride. There were four Lions including a cub. Two Lionesses and a cub were walking to a bush that one young Lioness had climbed. When the cub got there it decided to climb up as well. It was fantastic watching them because they we playing and then resting like a Leopard does. We watched them for about ten minutes and they came down. We continued with our drive and we found two Lion couples. Both were mating. These two males are the ones I saw for the first time in the area about three weeks ago and they had a fight with a local pride (Manze pride). But today they were not far apart; they were about seven hundred metres away. We watched them mating for three actions. On the way back we saw the Manze pride again and the young Lioness was once again in the tree. This time she was even higher, about eight metres from the ground. I didn’t expect she could manage to get down. She tried three times and the fourth time managed to get down. On the way back just after Lolly Pop we saw a big male Elephant with beautiful tusks. We stopped and watching him. He was dust bathing. After his bath he came close to the vehicle and very near to me. He sniffed the vehicle and then went behind it and did the same thing. Then he went to the other side of the vehicle and he was about a foot from my guest and he sniffed her. Then he went about five metres away form us and we decided to go. Everyone in the vehicle couldn’t believe it.


In the evening I took two honeymooners who were on their first safari for the evening drive. We drove in front of the camp. They were lucky because we saw a lot that evening like some Impala, Warthog, Wildebeest, Zebra, baboon, a big herd of Buffalo, Elephants and Giraffes. Before Sean’s cliff we saw seven Lions. Two lionesses, and five cubs. It was Shaggy’s pride and the day before yesterday I saw them at Sean’s cliff for the first time. When we where watching them we heard the big herd of Buffalo drinking at the marsh in the bushes. One Lioness went and one remained with the cubs. After a few minutes we heard them running but we didn’t see what happened. We had sundowners in the vehicle, watching the Lions. On the way back after about half a kilometre we saw one Wild Dog. He was looking for the rest of the pack. We watched him for few minutes before he ran in the direction of the mountains. I think the den is in that direction because today is the third time I have seen them running in that direction. What a day!


26th July

Today I took four guests to lake Tagalala. We had such a fantastic time. As normal Beho Beho International was very busy in the morning. We saw two Hyenas, Impalas, Giraffe and Ground Hornbill. Then we saw Warthog, Wildebeest and Zebra. We stopped at Sean’s cliff for a picnic breakfast while we were watching two Lionesses with five cubs in the riverbed. It was Shaggy’s pride and it was my first time to see these new cubs. There are two different litters. Two are about four months old three are three months. When we are watching them seven Elephants came to drink about twenty metres away from the Lions. There were also Giraffes walking on the cliff on the other side of the river. It was fabulous. But neither the Giraffe nor the Elephants saw the Lions. After drinking two young male Elephants started play fighting. They played on the riverbed until they went close to the Lions and the Lions had to run away to the bushes. By that time the Elephants had still not seen the Lions. These young Elephants carried on playing again and ended up near the bushes where the Lions were and again the Lions decided to climb the cliff on other side of the River and leave the Elephants playing. After all this excitement we went to the lake for boating. The lake was full of Crocodiles and Hippos. Also we saw nice birds, jumping fish and Terrapins.


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